New sales-dialing and deal-closing software lets you make 400 calls per hour (per sales person) while targeting your most responsive leads so you or your team can close more deals than ever before in record time.


  • More Sales & Leads for Your Business

  • Keeps Employees Accountable

  • Low Tech & Easy to Integrate (No Coders Necessary)

  • Salespeople are Happier & Work Harder

  • Reveals Revenue “Hot Spots” for Easy Sales

  • 100% FTC and DNC Compliant


Hi, I’m Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing – Los Angeles on the Bravo network.

When I got started in real estate, the toughest part of my business was turning cold leads into sales.   Having an efficient way to get through that nasty, almost intimidating long list of names will make or break your business.

And in today’s economy and business environment, it is more challenging than ever to succeed in a phone sales driven industry.

The “Do Not Call List” and new federal regulations are making it increasingly difficult to reach people who would benefit from your services.

  •  Sales employees are more distracted than ever.  Your sales team is texting, web surfing, and gossiping while on the clock and smart phones allow them to do much of this completely out of your control.
  • Economic problems have reduced the amount of consumers and businesses able to afford your services… meaning you have to talk to a larger amount of people to get the same amount of sales from the year before.
  • Competition is fiercer than ever as it’s easy for solo entrepreneurs to sell similar services to yours at poorer quality and lower price.

In this Market You Can’t Afford NOT to Adopt the New Sales Technology

The good news is that you don’t have to let the recent economic and market trends hurt your business.

In fact, you can rise way above your past sales performance by taking advantage of the new technological resources that not only let you reach out to more prospects, but find the prospects most likely to buy.

This is sales efficiency at its best and your company stands to double, triple, or quadruple its sales if you make full use of what SnapDialer can offer you.


Snapdialer Makes Up to 400 Sales Calls per Hour so You Maximize your Daily, Monthly, and Annual Performance 

In any telesales environment, there are busy signals, answering machines, and disconnected numbers that just waste time and bore your team.

SnapDialer cuts out all of that so your sales team is focused and in the zone… promoting your company’s services and raising profits day by day, call by call.

400 calls per hour sound like a lot… and can even intimidate some business owners or salespeople at first.

But from what I’ve seen… when a salesperson switches to an autodialer… something magical happens…

  • The salesperson is more energized to keep talking and promoting the company.
  • There is no more drudgery of picking up the phone and dialing yet another call.  (This is the most painful part of the job and eliminating the hand-dialing increases morale amazingly.)
  • A “bad” call (where a prospect is unpleasant) is forgotten almost instantly… and the salesperson is already talking to someone new in a blink of an eye.
  • The workday goes by much faster for everyone using SnapDialer… and when they come in the next day, they are refreshed and excited to hit the phones to make more sales.
  • The more calls employees make, the more “wins” they get under their belt, keeping them more motivated to keep improving performance and close more deals.

Telemarketers notoriously can have a horrendous level of turnover… and it’s really not their fault.  There is no job that puts someone in front of more rejection on a daily basis… and SnapDialer minimizes the morale-draining effects of rejection better than anything on this earth.

Here is How SnapDialer Raises Your Profits and Revenue While Lowering Costs

  • Reveals Best Times to Call – Including the most profitable hours of the day and days of the week, so you can cut out paid hours that rarely yield any profit.


  • Maximizes Power of Part-Time Employees – Allowing you reduce your need for full-time employees and possibly save you from costly benefit packages.


  • Change Your Caller ID at Will – So you can call the same line multiple times without your prospect avoiding “yet another sales call.”


  • Prevents Lawsuits from “After Hours” Calling – Salespeople often accidentally call consumer prospects too late or too early… risking large FTC fines.  SnapDialer automatically prevents your team from accidentally calling a timezone that’s out of the 9AM-9PM Range


  • Do-Not-Call List Compliant – Just scrub your SnapDialer leads with the Federal Do-Not-Call List and you will avoid any issues with the FTC and know your telemarketing practices are perfectly safe and legal.


  • Automatically Leave Messages – So you don’t have to waste time leaving the identical message over and over when a prospect isn’t home.


  • Record All Conversations – To see what sales presentation style is working best for your company.  Then you can train your staff to model the best approach.


  • Color Code Your Leads – So you and your staff know the difference between a “Cold” prospect who is indifferent or a “Blazing Hot” lead who can’t wait to buy.  This will let you give your slam dunks to the salespeople you trust the most.

SnapDialer Gives You Laserpoint Accuracy on What Employees, Call Times, and Methods Gain You The Most Results

You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 Rule in business.   80% of your results (revenue, leads, sales) come from 20% of your efforts.

It sounds true enough, but have you actually put it to use?

  • Do you know which employee makes you the most per hour… and which hour they perform best?
  • How much time do your sales people spend between calls? (As you have already found out, the dead time before the next call isn’t just wasted paid time… it is poisonous to an employee’s momentum and effectiveness!)
  • Do you really know geographic areas get you the most leads, sales, and repeat business?
  • What regions give you the most time wasting tire-kickers that just waste your salespeople’s time and give false hope for a deal?

There are 11 Sales Statistics for Your Company You MUST Know or You are Bleeding Money Every Day You Have Someone on the Phone

It’s true… I’m willing to bet you don’t even know which STATE gave you the highest sales last month… let alone which employee is best at closing deals in each state.  (Think that information might be helpful when dividing up the leads?)

You could hire a dedicated admin staff to calculate all of these for you… every day… but why use up your internal resources on something that can be automated in real time with no effort?

With SnapDialer, you get the most important stats delivered and implemented instantly so you do not have to deal with employee error or time delays on vital information.


SnapDialer Automates Your Follow Up So Less Calls Are Necessary!

There will always be follow-up needed for sales.  People need time to check with decision makers, finalize purchases, and more.

What you can cut out is the amount of action needed from your sales people to make sure your leads turn into closed deals.

  • With SnapDialer, you can schedule and send a series of follow up emails (or autoresponders) so prospects can stay reminded of your value and remember how to contact you to move forward.
  • Email thousands of prospects at once while staying completely compliant with CAN-SPAM laws, making sure you are continuously on the prospect’s mind.
  • Get Real Time Lead Alerts on when a prospect opens your email.  Even Call the Lead while they’re reading the email to triple your chances of closing the deal on that call.

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SnapDialer is Cloud Based so No In-House Employees are Necessary! 

There will always be times when an in-house phone bank is needed for a business… but this requirement is applying to fewer and fewer businesses as technology improves.

  • SnapDialer is Cloud-based so salespeople can work from anywhere and on any type of computer.
  • SnapDialer works with Cell Phones, Landlines, and through any computer connected to the internet.  Yes, this means as long as there is a headset available, your people can be selling no matter where they are in the world.
  •  SnapDialer allows your or your employees to work from home so you don’t lose business when an employee has to take time off for health or family reasons.


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And you have SnapDialer’s 100% support as you learn the simple process of using their system.

  • You have access to tutorial videos when you get started.
  • You can contact the digital help desk or call any time.
  • You can join the SnapDialer Facebook page to connect with other users and trade tips on sales and closing strategy.




And Here’s What Others Have to Say About SnapDialer:

What a great productivity tool! I have literally quadrupled my productivity overnight! The production increases immediately because I am reaching prospects that I might not have even contacted in the past. I’m also so much more efficient in my calling hours because the dialer is doing all the work and calling four prospects at once! It has freed up my days tremendously for other sales opportunities as well since I spend less time on the phone manually dialing. The platform is easy to use and the tech support is quick! Two thumbs up!
Tad Buchoz Newport Beach, CA
Have over $20K hitting the books with about 12 hours logged in this week. If anyone else has a way to make over $4K in 12 hours call me and let me know.
John H. NYC
I can honestly say for the first time ever I had a good time making cold calls. After using this software there is no way I will go back to hand dialing again."
Brett L. AZ
True to my goals this year I will not be purchasing any leads-they will all be self-generated using this solution.
Scott G. SC
I was only on the system for 26 minutes and got 4 leads and this was while learning the system! I’d say after the learning curve I’ll hit over 10 to 12 leads per hour.
Jack R. MD
I’m a tracking geek. I love spreadsheets and figuring out ratios. For hand dialing its a pad of paper and pen. However, this spits out cool reports so I can track everything.
John H. NYC